Attend the launch of the latest Apple Training Center in Cape Town

I am extremely proud to be apart of this! South Africa has always managed to stay behind the curb with regards to Apple Training, and getting the certifications required to create AATC’s (Apple Authorised Training Centers). For this reason, I am very pleased to make the announcement that the forward-thinking company that brought me onboard,[…]

Creating a bootable Lion Installer Drive

As great as Mac OS X has become over the years, it is not immune to issues with its inner workings. And when there are issues that are preventing you from running your system properly, or even booting, we need to revert to some boot-time diagnostics. With Lion, comes the built-in Lion Recovery Tools known[…]

Share your External drive between Mac and Windows

If you’ve ever tried to use your external storage between Windows and Mac, you will already know that it is not that simple. Props to AllNewsMac Here’s why: Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Lion (and Mountain Lion?) can read drives formatted as NTFS, but cannot write to them. As we know, NTFS is the[…]

My first Apple Certification, done.

In my years of tech support, I have naturally been exposed to a completely Microsoft-dominated industry. And in order to stay ahead of the curb, and of any worth to my employers’ partnership accreditations, I have written many a Microsoft exam and became certified to the hilt.  But as I am developing my career and[…]