Welcome the education revolution from Apple

We all know how successful Apple has been in completely changing the markets that they play in. PCs, laptops, animated film and music. They even created the tablet market with the iPad.  On Thursday, January 19th 2012, they entered into the latest market that they have set their sights on. Education. Apple launched 3 new[…]

CHALLENGE: Build the mobile POS that South Africa so badly needs.

As part of the experience of building this website, I get to track international trends in the Apple community, as well as discover the latest and greatest developments that make Apple an integral part of our lives. In my latest expedition into the digital world, I came across this mind blowing startup in New York,[…]

Use one keyboard for your PC or Mac, as well as your iPhone/iPod

In today’s technology age, having your iPhone along side your production laptop is almost a given. Texting, searching contacts, map locations, even emailing, helps our generation to be more productive with multi-tasking. But changing between the iPhone and the laptop tends to slow us down, using the bigger and smaller keyboards.  This can all be[…]

Wirelessly Access any USB storage from your IOS device.

Here is another absolute gem from the KickStarter Project! Ever wanted to access a flash drive to view a document? Use the cloud you say? What about playing an album you hadn’t synced to your phone yet? Use iTunes Match you say? Well, what about playing an hour long high definition video for entertainment or[…]

What to do with your old iPhone?

So your favourite Vodacom/MTN outlet gave you that phone call that made your day: “Your iPhone 4s has arrived”. Thanks to iTunes and iCloud, you are setup on the new phone in no longer than an hour, and once your sim is active, you are using your new iPhone 4s completely. And just like that,[…]

Hollywood video-quality meets iPhone portability.

With the iPhone 4 and the latest iPhone 4s video quality, it’s no surprise anymore when people rely solely on their phones for shooting video. Whether it’s to capture the kids running through the sprinkler in the backyard, or a promo video for their website. The iPhone has made it ever-more attractive to shoot video[…]

Now you can create and edit Microsoft Office Documents on your iPad, for Free

It is well known that there has been a lot of talk lately about Microsoft launching their full Mobile Office package for the iPad. OneNote has already made its way onto our beloved tablets, but when exactly is the rest of the family coming? Well, nobody can say, without making an obvious thumb-sucking guess. So[…]