[Review] Hide your secret stash on your Mac with Hider 2

We all have those little folders on our Macs… The ones that are usually tucked away, a few folder levels down from the Desktop. Those folders that are fine and dandy for your eyes and fingers, but not quite for anyone else’s. And remember, you can use the age-old “hide it in plain sight” technique,[…]

[Review] Choose your noise and focus your mind with Noisli

Whether you are trying to drown out some particularly distracting sounds from the local Internet Cafe, focusing your mind on the way to a big presentation, or even trying to calm your thoughts for a good night’s sleep, Noisli is just the app for you. I have been using Noisli for a few weeks now,[…]

[Review] Track exactly how much time you spend on your iPhone!

It’s something that I have been made aware of before, but like most less-exciting things in life, I chose to just ignore it. “Are you on your iPhone again!?” Enter the clever little app called Moment. Moment comes from developer Kevin Holesh, who actually wrote the app for himself, who suffers from the same problem[…]