Manage your corporate iPads, through Active Directory

As technology has advanced over the years, each new addition or change creates a major headache for network admins. And in this day in age, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) is becoming all the more popular, allowing businesses to cut down on their technological investments, and reducing the risks involved substantially. Being a network admin, I can vouch[…]

BlueTooth speaker bar for your digital world

I found this little gem on Kickstarter, and I couldn’t resist showing it off to all the local fanboys to enjoy. The Zooka wireless speaker is exactly what our iPhones, iPods and iPads have been waiting for. Let’s be honest, the sound on the iPad is great, but not amazing, especially when trying to watch[…]

OS X Mountain Lion, It’s official.

7 Months after the launch of Lion, Apple has announce its successor, Mountain Lion. Catchy name right? The Developer’s preview is now available for download, and the official release should be available around May/June (Summer in the States). There is a serious range of new features that have been added, and some awesome IOS-ification of[…]

My first Apple Certification, done.

In my years of tech support, I have naturally been exposed to a completely Microsoft-dominated industry. And in order to stay ahead of the curb, and of any worth to my employers’ partnership accreditations, I have written many a Microsoft exam and became certified to the hilt.  But as I am developing my career and[…]