Attend the launch of the latest Apple Training Center in Cape Town

I am extremely proud to be apart of this! South Africa has always managed to stay behind the curb with regards to Apple Training, and getting the certifications required to create AATC’s (Apple Authorised Training Centers). For this reason, I am very pleased to make the announcement that the forward-thinking company that brought me onboard,[…]

How to clean up your ‘Open With’ menu in OS X

We all know about the ‘Open With’ menu, right? As soon as you control-click a file, you will have the option to choose which application to use when opening the file. Naturally your default app will take precedence, but you have the ability to choose an alternative app, for various reasons. Thanks to The[…]

Trouble installing Apple Remote Desktop on Lion

If you are the administrator for any size network that uses Macs on the front and back end, the chances are pretty good that you have encountered Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) already. I don’t need to highlight how amazing ARD is, but I will anyway. ARD allows you to observer multiple Macs on your network in[…]