[Review] Undercover – Bad news for Mac Thieves

Undercover was easily one of the best pieces of software that I have had the privilege of reviewing for 2014! Like any good Apple user, you probably have Find my Mac (Find my iPhone, you know what I mean) enabled, and hope to heck that you will never need to use it. Touch wood though,[…]

[Support] Mavericks Calendar and Exchange Syncing Issue

After a successful migration of a user from Microsoft Outlook 2011 (*spit*) to Mail for Mac, the user started experiencing this error on a one particular calendar event. “Calendar can’t save the event “event name” to the Exchange Server” After some research, it turns out that the Calendar cache that is created by the Exchange[…]

[Review] Hide your secret stash on your Mac with Hider 2

We all have those little folders on our Macs… The ones that are usually tucked away, a few folder levels down from the Desktop. Those folders that are fine and dandy for your eyes and fingers, but not quite for anyone else’s. And remember, you can use the age-old “hide it in plain sight” technique,[…]

Stylish wood-finish for your Mac keyboards

We all love the stylish aluminium finish on our Mac keyboards. But if you feel like something a little different, try out Lazerwood Keys from Lazerwood Industries. These are just as stylish as the original keys, but with a gorgeous wood-finish. Whether you use a wireless, extended or simply your MacBook Pro keyboard, there is the perfect[…]

Private Eye: Your free network monitor for Mac

Ever wondered exactly what apps, services, protocols, or even devices are making connections out onto the World Wide Web, or even worse, receiving connections? Well there are a ton of network monitors that will tell you exactly what you want to know, with a price tag attached of course. But Private Eye, gives you the same[…]

Attend the launch of the latest Apple Training Center in Cape Town

I am extremely proud to be apart of this! South Africa has always managed to stay behind the curb with regards to Apple Training, and getting the certifications required to create AATC’s (Apple Authorised Training Centers). For this reason, I am very pleased to make the announcement that the forward-thinking company that brought me onboard,[…]

Creating a bootable Lion Installer Drive

As great as Mac OS X has become over the years, it is not immune to issues with its inner workings. And when there are issues that are preventing you from running your system properly, or even booting, we need to revert to some boot-time diagnostics. With Lion, comes the built-in Lion Recovery Tools known[…]

Share your External drive between Mac and Windows

If you’ve ever tried to use your external storage between Windows and Mac, you will already know that it is not that simple. Props to AllNewsMac Here’s why: Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Lion (and Mountain Lion?) can read drives formatted as NTFS, but cannot write to them. As we know, NTFS is the[…]

BlueTooth speaker bar for your digital world

I found this little gem on Kickstarter, and I couldn’t resist showing it off to all the local fanboys to enjoy. The Zooka wireless speaker is exactly what our iPhones, iPods and iPads have been waiting for. Let’s be honest, the sound on the iPad is great, but not amazing, especially when trying to watch[…]

OS X Mountain Lion, It’s official.

7 Months after the launch of Lion, Apple has announce its successor, Mountain Lion. Catchy name right? The Developer’s preview is now available for download, and the official release should be available around May/June (Summer in the States). There is a serious range of new features that have been added, and some awesome IOS-ification of[…]

Use one keyboard for your PC or Mac, as well as your iPhone/iPod

In today’s technology age, having your iPhone along side your production laptop is almost a given. Texting, searching contacts, map locations, even emailing, helps our generation to be more productive with multi-tasking. But changing between the iPhone and the laptop tends to slow us down, using the bigger and smaller keyboards.  This can all be[…]