Vodacom launches iPhone 4s in South Africa

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It is always very frustrating to get so excited about Apple’s newest products while watching their latest Keynote, and know for a fact that it will easily be months before it even comes close to our sunny shores in South Africa.

The iPhone 4s for one, launched in the States on October 12 2011, and we have all been waiting with baited breath to finally get our hands on the gem that is Siri.

Well, wait no longer, as Vodacom has made it official.
December 16 2011, they will be officially launching the long awaited device.

The pre register for the device, and stand a chance to get it moments before your colleagues, go ahead and fill in your details at their registration site.

Looks like we will just have to wait and see. None-the-less, I am personally very excited to finally start using the latest iPhone, albeit just for until July or so, when it is expected that Apple will launch the iPhone 5.

Well done Vodacom on once again being at the forefront on iPhones in South Africa!

Apple source
Vodacom Source

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