The iPad case that will survive a 6 storey fall.

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The team over at G-Form has become renowned in making protective-gear designed to take a beating, a serious beating!

Whether it be knee-guards, bike saddles or even iPad covers, their products are not only designed to be put to the test, but actually are.

All of their products have associated videos showing Vice President, Thom Cafaro, performing some obscure test, to prove that their products are not just all talk.

The latest to come off the factory line is the “Extreme Portfolio” for the iPad 1 & 2 or any other 10″ tablet. It uses soft outer covers as opposed to its competition’s hard-shell style. This method is allowing the Extreme Portfolio to absorb 90% of the energy, as well as stiffen on impact.

You can see in this video from YouTube, where the iPad managed to perfectly survive a fall from around 400m up. I am not 100% convinced though, with the device landing in some nice soft grass on impact, and a guy waiting on the ground for the skydivers.

But this test has me hooked. A crane lifting Thom almost 20m in the air, and dropping 2 iPads onto solid concrete? Sold!
That is one expensive promo video, but it gets the job done.

There is a distributor listed on their website in East London, South Africa, but unfortunately seems to be un-contactable.
Not to worry though, as they are shipping to RSA.
This particular iPad case, the grand daddy of them all, comes in at $89.95, and a choice of Black or Yellow. Shipping international will add on an extra $35.

So, If you are in the industry where you might drop your iPad from the 6th floor, or possible out of your hands while Skydiving, then this is the case for you. And when it comes in at under R1100, it’s actually not that bad at all!

Stay tuned for more updates from the G-form team.


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