Mac Monitored Services…

Just like a dog can sense a disaster before it happens, we can treat issues on your Mac before they turn into catastrophes…

Apple Domination has partnered with an international Managed-Services Provider, Watchman Monitoring, and is now offering this to all of our clients, old and new.

Essentially, Managed-Services means that we will be on top of, and alerted to, anything and everything of interest on your Mac, with regards to the system itself.
We won’t be seeing things like late night browser histories, but more like CPU Utilization, runaway applications, over-utilized Memory etc.

This could be the difference between “Dear Client, we have detected possible errors and this is the solution we recommend” to “Dear Lee, my Mac is a hot mess and very dead“.

The best part about this background app that runs on your Mac, is that it monitors things that not even I would be able to see or detect, unless I watched your System Logs ALL DAY LONG. The ability to detect a problem before it becomes a real issue is greatly increased!



So what kind of things are “Monitored”


More often than not, what defines a server is the software that runs on it. Watchman Monitoring checks on that software to make sure it’s operating correctly and will report critical information such as availability, utilizationlicense expirations, proper backup functionality, and more.

It’s never a matter of “if” your hard drive will fail, but “when”. That’s why it’s so important that you not only backup but also regularly check if that the backup is being completed successfully. Luckily, with Watchman Monitoring, we do all the checking so you don’t have to. We will alert you if we see backups not being performed as expected.



Running low on disk space can happen suddenly and when it does, it has real potential to corrupt a system and cause data loss. Watchman Monitoring can alert you well before that ever happens. We’ll also alert you to any disk input/output (I/O) errors (a precursor to a drive failure), SMART errors, boot disk selection changes, false mounts, and more.



We’ll help you avoid costly downtime due to RAID failures from Apple and SoftRaid by warning you at the earliest signs of trouble. Combined with our world-class backup monitoring you can rest assured knowing your data is secure.



Slow network performance can be caused by things like poor cable quality, failing network hardware, or even your ISP having a bad day. We’ll help narrow down the cause by alerting you when there’s an excessive number of network errors. We can even let you know when a computer’s IP address changes.



Keeping a computer running at its peak performance is easy with Watchman Monitoring. We’ll alert you to productivity-robbing issues such as failing laptop batteries, kernel panics, faulty RAM, unscheduled reboots, and even failed power-on self-tests (POST) which usually go unnoticed.



No single malware detection software can find all threats. Watchman Monitoring helps out by providing an additional layer of malware checking to your existing solution.



While our software is scanning your system for problems, we also report back other helpful information such as machine name, last logged in user, serial number (including warranty status if GSX account enabled), RAM, model number, OS & firmware versions, maximum OS version, processors, uptime, last check-in, and more.



As we check the health of your computers, our agent will automatically gather expiration dates from Backblaze, CrashPlan, Kerio Connect, and more. Receive weekly or monthly email notifications of impending expirations, and sync to your calendar with an ics feed.

This sounds all good, but what about my privacy?

Great question…

Watchman Monitoring has absolutely no power to pry and see what is on your Mac. It can read the system data and pull through the logs and diagnostics, but CANNOT view your machine in any other way.  There is no “Histories”, nor is there any kind of “view” abilities.

So rest assured, this is merely a monitoring tool, not a spying one.

Okay, I’m in! What next?


Apple Domination is offering a free Trial starting today, and ending on the 9th of June 2017. So follow the steps below to get started, and give it a test run until the 9th.
I will send you a confirmation from my side if you sign up, and ensure all is good with your machine.
I will even throw in a complimentary Status report for your machine/s, so you can see what all the fuss is about.

Step 1 – Download the Monitoring App
Use this link to download the monitoring app:

Step 2 – Run the installer in your Downloads folder
It will be called MonitoringClient.pkg

Step 3 – Run through the installer and set your GROUP
Continue through the installer like you normally would (next, next, next, finish). EXCEPT, it will ask you one question, What is your GROUP NAME. Please insert your Business name if it’s business Mac, or simply your Family name if it’s your personal Mac.

Step 4 – Restart your Mac after the installation is complete!
This will complete the installation and send me the first report for your machine, and let’s hope not along with errors.

Remember, if at any point you feel like tapping out of this trial, just head to your System Preferences, and there you will find the installation of Watchman Monitoring. Simply tap it, and choose Uninstall.

If I want to subscribe after the trial, what’s the damage going to be?

So because you’re awesome, this is going to be the pricing structure going forward:

For individual Macs, it will cost R30 per Mac, per Month.
To simplify the process, and provide you with a lil discount, you can Pay R330for 12 months. This will cover your Mac for a year, and you get a month on us.

If you’re a business, or a big techno-loving household, and would like to load all your Macs, we are happy to accommodate.
If you load 5 or more Macs, you will be paying R20 per Mac, per month, OR, R220 per Mac, per year.

If you would like to load more than 10 Macs, then give me a buzz and let’s chat!