iPads have finally become more accessible to the masses.

In these dire economic times, many South Africans have had to label to new iPad as a pure luxury item and cannot justify the exorbitant recommended retail prices.

That was, until FNB introduced their financing option for the new iPad 2.
Not only are they offering the iPad 2 at a monthly fee over 24 months, but they have managed to do it without adding interest! Taking it one step further, they managed to reduce the monthly fee, to provide 35% discount.
So what do you need to get this deal? A gold/platinum cheque account, that is all. This is not only great news for existing account holders, but even better news for FNB as the masses started dropping their current banks like hot potatoes.
FNB’s marketing campaign here was sheer genius!

Sign up with FNB
Check out FNB’s promotion

Recently, 2 more Apple Resellers climbed onto the iPad-financing bandwagon with their very own offerings. If you enjoy MTN’s service, you can sign up with the iStore to get their iPad deal.

Should you prefer Vodacom, you can now sign up with DigiCape.
Although these 2 resellers are considerably more expensive than that of FNB, they do come with 2GB of data every month, which can definitely come in handy with day-to-day browsing.

Interestingly enough, both iStore & DigiCape’s offereings are running at the same price, and seperate the 16GB Wifi and the 16GB Wifi & 3G by only R10. Really? R10 for a 3G module? Sold!
This is increased to R20 for the 32GB and 64GB models.

Check out iStore’s promotion 
Check out Digicape’s deal.

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