Microsoft OneNote on the iPad.

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Probably my only dissapointment that I found with my iPad, was the fact that MS OneNote had not been released for it, only on the iPhone.
You could still run the iPhone app on the iPad, but with a dreadful resolution.

It was therefore such a happy moment, when I just now found that MS had released their new version of the application, specially designed for the iPad!

The application is still free, so there was no hesitation in downloading it immediately.

It boasts the same interface that the iPhone uses, so regular users won’t be dissapointed.

It works in the same fashion as the iPhone, with regards to syncing your notebooks.
You will need to create a SkyDrive account, for free of course, which will allow you to synchronise your iPad, computer, iPhone, Mac or whatever.
You can do this all from within the App.
Even when you are not near a Wifi or may not have 3G available, the notebooks still allow viewing and edits in offline mode.

There are many noting applications available for use on the AppStore, but there is just something that puts MS OneNote in a class of its own.

Edit your notes on the go, add pictures or take a photograph and add it immediately.
Synchronise this back to your computer, and hey presto!

Check the application out for yourself on the AppStore

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