Go! Travel South Africa.

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Ever felt like just getting away some times, but not knowing where to go?
Ever felt like exploring your country, or even your own province, but didn’t know what was available?
Ever wanted to do something different, but simply didn’t know what to do?

Fret no more!

Media24 has launched the latest in their ensemble of iPhone and iPad apps, and it’s a gem!
Go! Travel South Africa” is the  app you will need to discover South Africa and all of its hidden treasures.

The app is really well put together and makes it extremely easy to plot that next family trip/couples getaway/kid’s day or just figure out what to do with the in-laws for the day.

G!TSA starts off by allowing you to select which region and then sub-region you would like to explore.
Starting off in your area of choice, you can choose which items you would like to add to your trip.
The choices are quite extensive, including things like hiking, points of interest, malls, water sports, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and much, much more. They really have catered for every aspect of your potential journey.

When you select an item, you can read up on on it completely before adding it to your route. When you begin adding various items, G!TSA begins plotting the exact route for you, from point 1 to the end. Naturally you can switch up the order of the items too, to accommodate for anything really.

One thing that I did find tricky to figure out, was removing an item from your trip. To save you the time and frustration, let me tell you quickly, that you need to drag the item into the bin. Little bit weird, but it works.

Before, during or after your route journey selection, you have 2 more map options at your disposal.
If you are keen to know the lay of the land, you can change the map overlay from normal to satellite, giving you a great view of the land you are going to explore.
Planning an outdoor excursion? Well then you better check the weather right? No problem. Tap the weather option to bring up the current weather in the major areas.

If you would like to work off of a template of well known routes to explore, then by selecting the “trips” option, you can pick from a number of already plotted out routes in each of the provinces. The route will show you what to see or do and where to go. What’s great is that you can even modify these templates to add your own flavor.

Do you think your journey might be interesting to other travellers? Well you will also be able to share routes, as well as see other user-defined routes too.

Should you be planning a route to an obscure place in the country, there most likely won’t be much of a cellphone signal to allow you to follow your route or check out other options throughout the journey, as the maps simply don’t function without signal. Not to stress, you can purchase in-app bundles that provide offline maps of various well known tourist destinations, like the Kruger National Park for instance.

All in all, I am very impressed with what the guys over at TouchLab have developed here, and they can be really proud of their latest app!

And since the app is free, you really do not have anymore excuses for not getting to know our beautiful country.

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