This rubber band is actually a zoom lens for your iPhone

The Macro Cell Lens Band is a simple, yet revolutionary gadget for your iPhone.

Not only does it act like a straight-forward elastic band, but it also slips onto your iPhone in seconds, to enhance the zoom capability dramatically.

Ever lie in bed, with your mind keeping you awake with the thought of “I wonder what those sprinkles on my ice cream cone really look like.”? Then this gadget is for you.

It is compatible with any smartphone, which is good news for the non-Applers, and is easy to keep with you all of the time.

The developers, Photojojo, have even been so kind, as to ship the lens band with its very own plastic card, allowing you to wrap your band around it, and keep it in your wallet at all times.

Shipping is available to SA, which is great news! The band comes in at $15, with shipping just under $10. All in all, this rubber band lens for less than R200? Bargain!

Get snapping!

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