Abu Dhabi. Check.

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So I have finally returned from Abu Dhabi after an amazing week of training, and complete Apple overload.

Not being entirely sure on what to expect at our first Train-the-Trainer, my colleague and I went in with an open mind.
Apart from being 2 and half hours early on the very first day, since we did not read the welcome email like idiots, we struggled each day to understand the handful of languages and strong accents from our fellow Apple trainer wannabe’s, and our amazing instructor.

Apple Heaven…for now.

Being a serious Capetonian, and my colleague, an indian from Lenasia, we met our english-match with fellow students from Oman and Egypt, and our instructor, get this, French, living in Brussels. Let’s just say we did quite a bit of repeating throughout the course.
Although after the 1st day, you learnt to pick up what everyone was saying, and more importantly what they meant when they said it.


I have never met a man like the instructor we had. Apart from the sheer volume of information and experience that Alain was able to pass onto us, I have never met a man that has met the late great Steve Jobs before, never mid 3 times! Check out his consulting company!

Our Hotel…nice

With the first shot at the trainer exam, let’s say, not going according to plan, we will be writing it again this Friday, and after that….you will have one Apple Certified Trainer blogging the AppleVerse to you.

Once this is complete, our company will be able to become an official Apple Authorised Training Centre, and we will be able to begin delivering the first Mac OS X course, Lion 101.

So what’s next? Off to London on Saturday, to attend an unofficial T3, which will blow our competition out of the water when I return. Best I not say too much just yet…

For any of the fanboys that are considering the training aspect of the Apple World, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email with any questions you might have. I know how difficult it is to find the right information you are looking for with regards to this sometimes.

Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Abu Dhabi. Check.

  • Apple Middle East FZ-LLC,
    TwoFour54, Media Zone, Khalifa Park, Al Salam Street
    Abu Dhabi
    United Arab Emirates
    Reception phone: +971 (0) 24470499
    The Apple office is located in TwoFour54, Media Zone, the Pink Building, on the top floor

    Hope this helps 🙂

  • Thank you very much bro
    Also i like to know whare can i get apple machintos cetified technician course and exam in uae.
    Apple abu dhabi has this kind of course?
    Also what kind of trainings available there?

  • Hey man

    Unfortunately I don't know what the training schedule looks like for Apple Middle East, at this location.
    To be honest, I don't think that they are actually a standard training centre. They are Apple UAE, and so only permit the Train the Trainer Training every so often, like when I attended.

    According to the Apple Schedule, there is no Mac Certified Technician Course running anywhere in the Middle East. There are lots all over Europe though, that might be your best bet?

    Go ahead and check out training.apple.com/schedule to see what I mean.
    There are also 2 training centres in Egypt if that might help.
    Check out their contact details on training.apple.com/locations

    Good luck man!

  • Hi lee
    Thanks for your reply again. And i have try in uae there are 2-3 training center available but they are giving media related trainings only,
    Iam looking for lion 201 and apple cetified machintos technician cours and exams,
    And i try to call that number you have mention on your previus reply, but its wrong,
    You have any email , web site or any correct phone number for apple abu dhabi?

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