London T3. Check.

After a week in the cold and wet London, I have managed to get home to sunny South Africa, and couldn’t be happier.

The latest beta-course train-the-trainer in London was a great success, and shortly the course is going to be delivered by Torque. Stay Tuned for info about it and the final outlines that is going to make your Mac Sys Admins drool with geeky anticipation.
I was lucky enough to be part of a group of trainers from all over Europe, and added up to more than 100 years of Apple experience and training between them. 
If you are interested in any kind of Apple training in Europe, go ahead and check out their LinkedIn profiles and get in touch.

Our mentor, Adam Karneboge, was amazing, and really delivered the content with precision and skill. Check out his company’s website for more info.

While in London I managed to get one full day to get some touristy sight-seeing, unlike Abu Dhabi of course. But don’t worry, I promised that I wouldn’t turn this into my travel blog. But one thing that I think any Apple Fanboy (or girl of course) will appreciate, is my very first visit to an official Apple Store.

After some serious walking through central London, I finally came across the Regent Street Apple Store.

The store itself is absolutely huge, and easily had about 800 people inside on that Sunday afternoon. Amongst the 800 though, could easily have been 100 or more staff, in their bright blue outfits with double-battery pack iPhones.
The store was built up of sections for product placements and testing, 2 huge genius bars, a full training auditorium and of course, the famous glass-staircase.

So without much more blabbering away, check out the pics, take them in, enjoy them, and then carry on to the more informative articles to follow.

Even from a distance it looks impressive.

Famous Glass Staircase

Training auditorium at the back

Glass Elevator. Going up?

Geniuses at work

Staircase is very impressive

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