“Air Drop” for iOS

If you are a Mac user, at any level, you will know about and love one of the new features that were introduced with Lion, Air Drop.

The ability to simply share files with friends and colleagues over a secure, ad-hoc wireless network negates the need to access/share folders, send chunky emails or work with FTP servers.

Thankfully, twomanshow has created an app that allows the same functionality with your iOS devices.

Instashare allows wireless file-sharing between iOS devices, as well as between OS X and iOS devices.

Once you’ve installed the OS X version for your Mac, go ahead and grab the iOS versions from the App Store. Pricing? FREE!

Once you have these going, you will simply be able to add files into the console that you wish to share. 

Any other iOS device that not only has the app installed, but has it open, will then show up as destinations.

Just like Air Drop, the transfers work on an acceptance policy, meaning the destination will get a message indicating who is trying to transfer what to them, and they will need to explicitly accept the connection. 


Simple, easy, functional. What more do you need?

Check out the other apps from the twomanshow.

As always, Enjoy!

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