[Blog] The Safe Mac Announces AdMedic

This morning, the well-reputed Mac Security Blog, The Safe Mac, released the successor to their older Adware Removal Tool and the System Reporter script, named AdMedic.

The older tools did a great job, but ran as scripts, and required full app re-downloads to update the adware signature database.
This was one of the driving forces behind creating the full-blown app.

The new app will not only allow for adware signature updates on the fly, but also more effective adware scanning and improved snapshots.

The snapshots feature allows AdMedic to “scan” your machine and spit out a report of what it has found, without actually removing the items.

This is particularly helpful for dealing with the dreaded Genieo that might remove files causing the Mac to crash gloriously and not start back up again.

The actual scan itself will remove any unwanted (all?) adware off your Mac, and leave you feeling confident about the security of your machine.

Since AdMedic needs access more than a traditional Sand-boxed app, it can only be downloaded from The Safe Mac Website, and is not expected to hit the App Store anytime.

Although in the previous scripts users were able to view the source code, this is no longer possible with the new app.
This is a concern with professionals and developers, due to the sensitive nature of the app.
This is being dealt with though, and may appear online soon, perhaps on Github or the like.

If you untrusting of apps like AdMedic, for obvious reasons, then feel free to do all the handwork yourself, following the Manual Removal Instructions from The Safe Mac.

For a full run-fown of the app, and all the information you need about it, read the author, Thomas Reed’s article on it.

The app is running under the Donation-Ware banner, so it is free to download and use, but support the developers and make a donation if you can.

Use little tools like AdMedic to help keep your Mac secured and remember, Common Sense helps, A LOT!

If you have any question or concerns for the developer, chat to thomas@thesafemac.com

Keep Safe, and Enjoy!

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