[Review] Choose your noise and focus your mind with Noisli

Whether you are trying to drown out some particularly distracting sounds from the local Internet Cafe, focusing your mind on the way to a big presentation, or even trying to calm your thoughts for a good night’s sleep, Noisli is just the app for you.

I have been using Noisli for a few weeks now, and it genuinely is one of my favourite, and most used apps.
It has been around for some time now, in the form of a very simplistic website, but finally, developer Stefano Merlo, has launched the iPhone and iPad app.

I often use it to drown out the humming of the aircon and the buzz of the office, and even use it at night to fall asleep to wind blowing the through the trees, or my personal favourite, rain and thunder.

If you are in a coffee shop editing or working on the laptop, simply head to the website and pick your favourite sound.

When you are away from your laptop, just launch the app on your iPhone, pop in the EarPods and pick your favourite sound.

I found the sounds that are used in the app are of a particularly high quality, and not just a 3 second loop, that will drive you slowly insane. They are incredibly realistic and very effective in their various scenarios.

To compliment the website, there is even a basic text-editor that will allow you to jot down some text, ideas, blog posts or whatever, while in the calm (or not so calm if you choose) sound bubble, and not distracted by the usual things that run our lives.
You can save the text edit into a little text file if you want to save it for more editing later.

You can switch on the fader at night, so that you don’t wake up in the middle of the night to fake thunder and rain 🙂 
And if you become a regular user, like me, then save your own custom combinations. Very easy to apply your own favourites at just the right levels.

Noisli is of course available on the App Store for a very attractive $1.99.
Now that I know the power of the app, I would easily pay 10 times that price for it! (But don’t get any crazy ideas now Stefano!)

Go and grab it on the App Store, and I promise you will love it!


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