[Review] Expires – Track all your expirations on your iPhone

Most of us have been there.

We whip out the credit card on the Sunday evening bread and milk run, only to find that the card has expired…and now you have to use cash.

Or even worse, you get pulled over in a routine traffic check point, to be told that your driver’s licence expired 3 months ago.


Enter Expires.

Expires is such a simple app, and yet I haven’t stopped using it since I got my grubby paws on it.

For all of the various things in your life that have an expiration or a renewal date, Expires is designed to keep you well in the loop at all times.

I didn’t realise how many things there were in my life, and that of the family/household, that have an expiry date.

From things you deal with fairly regularly, like online subscriptions on a monthly basis, to some things a bit less regular, like smartphone contracts, to the big bad-boys that we all forget about because they renew in five years or more, like that pesky driver’s license and passport.

Simply create an item in the app, and set the expiry date, reminder date and a simple note.

There are some default items to choose from, but if that doesn’t meet your requirement, then simply make an “other event” entry, and name it whatever you want to.

The reminders that you set will come through using the native notification centre on iOS 7, and will simply badge the app too.

Once you’ve rounded up all your expiring items, and created the entries, you are done!
Sit back and wait to be reminded.

Expires comes from developer Jiří Urbášek

The app is available on the App Store for a mere $0.99, and definitely worth it.
And remember, it only runs on your iPhone, not your iPad.

Check it out, and enjoy!

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