[Review] Command-C. Clipboard sharing, made easy

We’ve all been there… 

Working on your iPhone or iPad, you come across a website address, phone number, image or a particularly foreign name or surname, and you need to copy and paste it to your Mac, or other device.

 Between sending text messages, emails and note syncing with iCloud with myself, I came across this awesome app to solve this simple problem.

Enter, Command-C
Command-C has uses 2 apps, the iOS and the OS X versions.
Once both apps are installed, you will be able to pair the devices together, in a very simple code-verification style.
Once paired, you will be able to share your clipboard contents between devices.
Here’s how you’ll do it:
If you are on the iOS device, simply copy the text/image in question. It doesn’t matter which app you are in when you copy it, just so long as you do the copy.
Then exit the app, and open the newly installed Command-C.
Once you open the app, you will be able to see all the devices you are paired with.
This can be any of your other devices, or possibly that of your team that you are collaborating with.
NOTE: Be sure to be on the same wifi as the other device, or else it won’t show up.
Find the device you want to send it to, and select it. DONE!
On the receiving device, say your Mac, you will receive a simple alert in the native notification centre, informing you of the clipboard contents sent by the other device.
These contents will now be on the recipient’s clipboard, and ready to complete the original copy and paste exercise.
If the recipient device is an iOS device, the notification centre will still alert to the app receiving the contents via the sender, and you will be able to paste the contents anywhere you like.
From the iOS side, you will be able to keep track of every single share done, so you can retrieve pretty much any shared item for as long as you keep the list going.
The awesome suite of apps was developed by long-time App store developer, Danilo Torrisi. Drop him a mail or even catch him on the Twitters
Now down to business.
The OS X app will not cost you a cent, but the iOS version will set you back $3.99.
For what you are getting, I feel that amount of money is well worth it.
Go ahead and check it out, and I am positive you will not be disappointed!

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