[Review] Multiple Attachments – iOS Email Bliss

If you’re an avid user of your iPhone and iPad mail app, and who isn’t, then you know the frustration; 1 email means 1 attachment!

Sending 3 mails for 3 attachment is not an option.
So what can you use as an alternative?
Multiple Attachments attachments from developer Jan Mazurczak is an excellent choice!
From any app on your iOS device, choose the “open with” option, and select the attachments app
Keep on doing this until you’ve added all your attachments, and finally hit the attach icon (same as the share icon in iOS)

This then calls up the mail app, and attaches all your files you chose earlier

Simple, easy, functional.
What more do you need?
The app is available on the US App store for a very reasonable $1.99
Check it out, and I know you will enjoy it!

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