Shuttle, your new SSH Utility

So we all love shortcuts, it’s the techy way.
And when it comes to administering servers, there’s nothing better than finding practical tools that allow us to do our jobs more efficiently.

This little tool comes courtesy of Trevor Fitzgerald over at Github.
Shuttle is a tool that helps you connect quickly to different servers using SSH.

Not that it is difficult to connect the traditional way to an SSH connection via Terminal, but why go the long way if Shuttle exists?

Shuttle is tiny, thanks to not bloating the app with unnecessary settings and configurations.

There is only one configuration; your SSH connections to your Server/s.

Once the app is launched, simply select Configure.

This will open the  ~/.shuttle.json in a compatible app. I used TextWrangler.

It’s pretty simple to make your own connections and groups of connections.

Simply modify Trevor’s existing text with your own, and you are done!

Definitely a new tool for me that will be sitting in my menu bar permanently.

Go ahead and grab Shuttle and Enjoy!

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