iPads For Lion Hearts

I love those moments when I discover something on the interwebs that shows how Apple tech is being used in the local community.

This one hit home for me quite deeply, and I couldn’t wait to share the story.
iPads for Lion Hearts is a non-profit organisation run by an amazing Stacey Vee, who is mom to a child with special needs.
Because of her own experiences with her little one, she created this Non-Profit Organisation.
#iPadsforLionHearts created a platform where normal folk like you and me can donate our second hand iPads to be handed over to little Lion Hearts, children with different forms of autism, that can utilise apps on the devices to help with their autism in many different ways.
This is something that Apple begun promoting when the iPad was released 2 years ago, and this story is proof of this actually happening.
Parents can use iPads as tools, rather than toys to help their children with special needs communicate and develop skills that would be near-impossible without it.
I have watched how my own 3 year-old has used the iPad now pretty much since he could hold it properly, and there is no doubt in my mind that these devices are changing this generation, changing them for good.
We want your old iPad!Developing hand-eye coordination, recognition, memory and language skills at such a young age is mind-boggeling. 
If this is what happens to my son that has the privilege of using all his senses  to their full extent, I can only imagine, and smile, when I think about how much it could help those that don’t have that luxury.
It’s not a mystery as to why organisations like this as well as individual parents don’t simply go out and get iPads then for those that need it. iPads are of the most expensive, most utilised gadgets at this time.
With a waiting list of 15 Lion Hearts, they are in desperate need of iPads, of all shapes, versions and sizes.
Check out their website for all the information about the project and details for sponsoring.
I was going to use our current iPad as an “extra one” for whatever when I upgrade later this year, but now, I am definitely donating it!
If you keen to help out, Lion Hearts is always in need of:
iPad Covers
Accessories like styluses, headphones etc
Screen wipes and screen protectors
iTunes vouchers
iTunes vouchers are a great help, since many of the premium autism apps are pay apps, at around $4.99.
If you are keen to donate an iPad, don’t worry about where you are or where they are. #iPadsforLionHearts will collect your device anywhere in SA.
So, sorry, you can’t use that as a excuse 🙂
I truly hope that this opens your eyes to the use of Apple technology not only in our local communities, but also to those that have special needs, in a big way.
If you don’t have an iPad to give, then maybe someone you know, or someone they know etc etc may have, so please go ahead and share this story, for their sake. 
I hope you do something here, and most of all, enjoy doing it.

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