Avoid the Yantoo Trojan

Do not fall prey to the latest Trojan doing the rounds on the interwebs!

The Yantoo Trojan is most definitely not new, as it’s been doing to rounds since the beginning of the year. 
The reason why it is being treated as a Trojan and not a Virus is because it poses as a media player browser plugin, reporting that it will play almost all media file types for you, and then obviously doesn’t.
Luckily, it is not a destructive Trojan, but merely Adware-related. 
Once installed, it splashes ads over your favourite websites. 
So, really annoying!
The best way to avoid any malware in the web is to always be vigilant and RTS (Read the Screen).
If you see anything Yantoo-related, avoid it!
And before your awesome friends from other popular operating system get that little grin on their face and open their mouths with the opening sounds of “I told you Mac get’s viruses”, let them know that it is a multi-platform Trojan, spreading through Mac, Windows and even Linux.

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