Never lose ANYTHING again

Stick-N-Find - Track your keys with bluetoothWe all lose things. 
Small things like keys and the TV remote (always for me).
Expensive things like your iPhone/iPad and travel luggage.
Irreplaceable things like your pets and, even worse, loved ones.

To help you never lose anything like this again, please welcome StickNFind.

With a simple BlueTooth receiver and an iOS app, you can find, and monitor anything you need to from now on.

StickNFind is small enough to stick onto your TV remote, pet collars or your child’s shoes or backpack.

Once you have enabled the device, you will be able to track it really easily with the associated iOS app.

Not only will it direct you to the location of the item within around 33m, but you can also choose to enable a sound (for when the remote is deep within the couches) or emit a flashing light (for late night car key searches).

use stick-n-find to track your kids

To even go one step further, the app can run in “leash mode”. With this setting, you can individually set each different tag, and set the range it can be from you before it notifies you.
My boy is definitely getting one of these in his pocket the next time we go to the mall!

find your keys with sticknfindThis can also work the way around, and notify you once it comes back into range. Waiting for your luggage at the airport can be a very stressful experience, unless you get a nice little message telling you your device has just come into range about 30+m away.

The StickNFinds come in packs of 2,4,6,10,20, ranging from R450 for 2 up until R3600 for 20.
The other good news is that it can be delivered to your door in South Africa, and on top of that, no matter which option you choose, it only costs R135 for delivery.

Mine is already on its way!

Go ahead and check it out.


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