CHALLENGE: Smartphone Coasters in South Africa

If you are looking for the next promotional item for the company’s goodie bags, or just simply appreciate functional, simple gadgets, then this might be what you’ve been looking for, without knowing it yet.

NewPCGadgets have unveiled a sweet little gadget called the Smartphone Coaster.

A brilliant concept if you ask me. 

Sitting at the Waterfront sipping your sundowner, with your iPhone propped up almost vertically so that you can keep an eye on it all the time. Yes, our iPhones run our lives.

You can easily bring these coasters into the country, but it isn’t even nearly worth it.
The coaster itself will only set you back R43 ($5), but each one will ship for R26 ($2,97). So in total, each one, will cost just under 70 bucks.
This of course will also not have any local branding on it.

So my challenge? Simple.

Spread the word to get these manufactured locally, allowing local businesses to market themselves on it and distribute them to any kind of place that has a chair and a table for clients.
Even make them available for private individuals for their homes. 
I think users would be happy to use this as a day-to-day iPhone stand, at home or even at work.

I can’t find anyone doing this yet in SA, but please let me know if you do find someone.

I hope this works.


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