Show current iTunes track in the Notification Centre in Mountain Lion

If you have made the upgrade to Mountain Lion, like me, you are most likely loving the new notification centre.

With a whole range of apps and websites beginning to support it, the notification centre is set to become extremely useful in our day-to-day lives.

Why not allow iTunes to integrate with it then?

Well you can. Simply go ahead and download the new app called NowPlaying for free.

Add it to your Applications folder to install.

Once you’ve got it running, a new pop-out will appear in the notification centre  at every track change in iTunes.

The notification centre only picks up the integration while the app is running, so best you add it to your login items on your user account.

Hopefully the app’s developer, Ben Hegarty, will host the app on a better download server soon. I will update the article when it if/when it happens.

I know you will enjoy!

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