Attend the launch of the latest Apple Training Center in Cape Town

I am extremely proud to be apart of this!

South Africa has always managed to stay behind the curb with regards to Apple Training, and getting the certifications required to create AATC’s (Apple Authorised Training Centers).
For this reason, I am very pleased to make the announcement that the forward-thinking company that brought me onboard, Torque IT, has finally reached its AATC status, and is hosting the launch-event in 2 weeks to celebrate; and they’ll be doing it in style.
If this excites you because you will now finally have an option when it comes to choosing your Apple Training Center and Exam location, then please join me in making this an awesome launch in Cape Town. 
Did you even know that you can get Apple Training done in South Africa? Cape Town? What about getting yourself or your Sys Admins certified in OS X Lion and Lion Server? You can now do it all at Torque!
So what separates us from the ‘competition’?
Stay tuned for announcements to follow very shortly after the launch regarding new courses, workshops, training and networking events, that have never been done before in South Africa!
Are those Macs and IOS devices on your network giving you sleepless nights and grey hairs regarding management and deployment? We have the solution for you!
So if you are keen to attend yourself, or keen to get one of your decision makers interested, check out the link and RSVP. ASAP!
The event is happening in 13 days on the 31st of May, and RSVP is required by Tuesday the 22nd of May.
I will be delivering a keynote speech, followed by an amazing speaker from the Core Group. After that? Get to mingle and network with some of the biggest players in the Apple community in South Africa, and specifically Cape Town. Hangovers for Friday are optional.
If you have any kind of queries or questions regarding the event, please drop me a message in my inbox.
Hope to see you there!

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