New children’s book: Who was Steve Jobs?

Take a wild guess what my little boy is getting as a present for his 2nd birthday in 3 months?

Yip, the new children’s book by authors Pam Pollock and Meg Belviso, “Who was Steve Jobs?”

This is a great idea that celebrates the late, great leader and visionary of our times in a way that can be appreciated by the little ones too. 
It comes as the latest edition to the “Who was” series, following on after titles like “Who was Walt Disney” and “Who was Dr. Seuss”. (Christmas presents?)
Go ahead and check out the book on Amazon’s store.
The book only costs R41, but since it is not in eBook format yet for iBooks, you will need to have it shipped to SA for an extra R58 for the paperback. I know, why is only the Kindle being supported here right?
But still, for under R100, you can let your children own a piece of history, about the man that changed so much of our century.
Check it out, and enjoy!

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