New iPad Defender Case from Otter Box.

We all love our iPads. But we all hate the everyday bumps and scratches that go along with it.
Whether you are a construction foreman, over-eager skydiver or simply a parent with a soon-to-be-a-geek toddler running around, we will do all that we can to protect our precious pads.

The new case in the Defender Series from Otter Box has managed to get the balance just right between protecting the device, and still making it look good.

The case is sporting their new high-impact inner polycarbonate shell allowing for maximum impact absorption. Combining this with the full screen-protector makes it a comprehensive case to be used pretty much anywhere you like, how ever you like.

Go ahead and check it out on their website, and while you are at it, order it online with them for a mere R1100.
Or, keep it local. Check out Expansys’ website, and order it straight from JHB. Delivery will only take 2 days, and you will save around 100 smackers in the process.

Here’s the promo video from Otterbox’s website. 

If you need to have maximum protection for your beloved iPad, especially the new one, then this is a no-brainer.



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