Record your next track, on your iPad, anywhere!

I am by no means a musical artist.
Having said that though, like many people, I don’t think that I would get through a day without listening to some jams on my iTunes. So I fully support any product that can make it easier and more accessible for established artists, and especially the newbies, to get their creativity recorded, and playing on my headset ASAP.

The StudioConnect looks like a futuristic iPad dock, with a funky light and everything. It is actually a recording station for your MIDI (Keyboards, Drums etc) and Mono (Guitars, Bass etc) instruments.

Garage Band

By using a plethora of recording applications on your iPad, including the amazing Garage Band, you can now hook up your guitar, choose all of your options and customisations, and go ahead and record that track, immediately.

The StudoConnect has its own headphone jack, so you won’t further irritate your neighbors. 
It also has a dedicated charging cable, necessary for the landscape mode, so you can jam for hours without breaking for a recharge.

If the video on the home page isn’t inspiration enough for you to invest in this piece of genius, then I don’t know what is.

You can go online now and order the StudioConnect for a very reasonable R1100. Add on a mere R70 to have it delivered to your door in RSA.

The SC forms part of the Griffin product range, so you know you are in for a good quality product too.

If you are a music aficionado with the desire to record your tracks on your iPad, then go ahead, do it.
And remember to always enjoy!

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