BlueTooth speaker bar for your digital world

I found this little gem on Kickstarter, and I couldn’t resist showing it off to all the local fanboys to enjoy.

The Zooka wireless speaker is exactly what our iPhones, iPods and iPads have been waiting for. Let’s be honest, the sound on the iPad is great, but not amazing, especially when trying to watch a movie or deliver a presentation. 
But slip on the Zooka, and expect 5 times the sound and a funky accessory.

Using bluetooth to connect to your iDevice or laptop, you can slip it straight onto the device, or merely let it sit on any surface for more range. Your laptop doesn’t support bluetooth? Really? Well not to worry then, it comes with a simple 3.5mm jack to plug any device into, making it pretty much a universal speaker set now.

Expecting to do a particularly long Skype conference call with your Mac or iPad? Well so long as you keep it under 8 hours, you can enjoy using the Zooka completely on it’s Li-Ion battery, before recharging it. 

Check out this super-simple iPad vs Zooka Speaker-test video incase you are not already sold on the idea.

Being part of Kickstarter Project, they required $25,000 to get funding, by the 19th of March. I am happy to see that they are currently on $30,000, and so will begin production after the 19th. There are obviously a few days left to get in on the project, and I would definitely recommend the $89 pledge (R690), which will secure you your very own Zooka. This price will only be available during the backing period, and will most likely increase afterwards.
If you are feeling particularly adventurous, pledge $149 (R1150), and get the Limited edition glow in the dark variant.
Shipping to South Africa? I wouldn’t be writing about the product if it didn’t. Add on an extra R150 and get it shipped to your door.
I can only see good things in the Zooka, and hope they launch more products in the near future.

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