Turn your Macs into a motion detection alarm system.

Do you have a handful of Mac computers at your home right now? Maybe at the office, your department is filled with Macs? Your child’s Mac-Lab at school is most certainly filled to the brim with iMacs.

Are they safe? Well, as safe as they could be, I suppose? Try out Orbicule’s Witness application, that will turn the cameras in your Macs into motion detection deluxe alarm systems.
This is a simple app, that gets installed on each of the Macs that you would like to include in your plethora of surveillance cameras. When you leave the office for the day, or simply go to lunch, go ahead and activate Witness.

The moment your Mac’s camera picks up any motion, it will send you push notifications straight to your iPhone, with images attached of what it is seeing. Cool right? Videos can get sent too.
If you are in and out of the office all day long, then take the hassle out of activating the Witness app the whole time by downloading the IOS app on your iPhone, which will activate the application once you leave that location. It will obviously be disabled once you return.
Will this prevent your device from being stolen? Of course not! But it most definitely will help to finger the perpetrator, especially if it’s someone in your office sifting through your handbag during your lunch break.
The app is available directly from their website, for only R313,89, and this license will allow you to add an unlimited number of Macs to your account. The entire home? Whole office? All the school’s Macs?
I think this can definitely be a winner, so go and check it out.

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