How to delete default Apps in Mac OS X

We all know that removing an application in Mac OS X could not be any easier. Drag the app into the Trash, and empty the trash out. Done!

Error when trying to delete Default Apps.

But what if you wanted to remove any of the built-in apps, like Stickies, Safari, Photo Booth etc?
Well if you have tried to remove one of these, you will know that it moans immediately about permissions, and so you cannot remove them.

But you can…

There are 2 ways to do it, sort of an advanced vs easy method to remove these apps.


Open Terminal

Type: cd /applications/
Type: sudo rm -rf
It will prompt you for your admin password, enter it, and that’s it!

Delete Apps via Terminal.

Look in your apps folder now, and you will notice, in this case that Stickies is gone.
Naturally you will change “” with the app of your choice.

If this is a little advanced for your liking, or you simply prefer the Finder than Terminal, try this out.


Open Finder.
Navigate to Applications.

Get Info for PhotoBooth shows permissions set to Read Only.

Find the app you want to remove, and get to Get Info.
Notice at the bottom, under Sharing & Permissions, that the app is setup to not be deleted at all.
Click on the lock button on the bottom right, and yo will now be able to change the permissions.
Change your user account, the admin account, to be able to Read & Write.
That’s it, done!
Now try drag your app to the trash, and Mac OS X will be happy to do it for you.

Remember, it is not recommended to go ahead and remove some of these default apps, especially one like Safari, that actually affects the running of the system. But apps like Stickies, Quick Time, Photo Booth etc does not affect the system, so go ahead.

Stickies and PhotoBooth, both deleted.

If there are any other particular hint/tips you are looking for, drop me a mail.


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