6 Hidden keys on the iPad split-keyboard

If you have been using your iPad for a lot of typing, you will know that it boasts a choice of 2 different keyboards of your choice.

The standard keyboard is great, but when you use it in landscape mode the keys tend to be a little more challenging to get to with your outstretched fingers.

To enable the split-keyboard, hold down the keyboard icon at the bottom-right of the standard keyboard, and shift up to Split. Awesome right!

And then a useful tip: Apple intentionally placed 6 hidden keys on the keyboard to help us when those keys get a little far to reach out to.

Check out the pic below, and you will see what I mean. 

Y, H, B and T, G, V can be reached without crossing over the divide.
I know you are about to get out your iPad and test this out, because I did the exact same thing when I read it.

If this helps you, then please share it, and of course, Enjoy!

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