Maximise your App Store Profits.

It can be a very daunting process for any developer placing their apps on the App Store, and even more stressful when you app starts to fall down the rankings, and don’t make money.

There is no question here, that the lower your app is in it’s ranking, the less likely you are to get a sale from it.

So how do you maximise your chances to get your app seen, heard and sold.

The obvious answer here is to get your ranking up.
But why not go one step further? Get your app included in the “Featured” section.

Distimo has put a lot of effort and expertise into their site to assist IOS developers to promote their app on the App Store, so go and check it out.
But let’s be honest here, should you go through all this effort to get featured? Is it really worth it?

Let’s let Distimo answer these questions with some cool graphs. Click the pics to get an enlarged look.

This figure shows the average gain during the first 3 days after an app is featured. iPhone makes the smallest gain, but nonetheless a good one.

This Table shows the proportions of apps that gained more than 50, 25, none and actually lost ranks. Once again iPhone is bringing up the rear, with just over a 3rd of apps not gaining any ranks, and actually losing a few spots.

Approximately 50% of the apps that were featured for Android gained more than 100%, while one-third of those in the iPad App Store gained more than 200%. On average, over the 7 day feature, iPad gained 252%, Android 172% and iPhone 137%. 

I think you are beginning to see where this publication that Distimo released is going, don’t you. If you are going to develop an app, make it for the iPad!

But just putting it on the App Store is not enough. You are going to need to get it featured too. So what does Distimo recommend you do to get your apps featured?

Get your App Submitted. 
Use a great design!
Have a solid interface!
Have a wow Factor!

If you are serious about your apps on the App Store, which of course you are, go and check out the latest publication from Distimo, that hosts a lot of useful information that I have skipped over here.

I hope this helps our local IOS devs!


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