Portable charging station for your iUniverse

You arrive at the client, all prepared to do what you need to do, and all of a sudden, the clients requests a quick demo on your iPad. But as Murphy would have it, you haven’t charged it since yesterday, and it’s about to die.

Without your iPad, or wall charger with you, you are in a bit of a jam.

Unless, of course, you have your new Aviiq Portable Charging Station with you.

The PCS can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously, while allowing data to pass from one of them. Aviiq refers to this as 3+1.

Whether you keep it with you incase you actually run out of juice, or whether you drag it along, instead of multiple USB cables or wall plugs, this is truly a useful gadget. You do travel right?

The low-profile zip bag makes it super stylish, and just imagine the eyes on you when you whip it open and plug your iPhone, iPad and iPod in to charge, while pulling data from any one of them.

Yes, functional!

The PCS is coming in at R620, with an extra R300 for delivery to your door.

Enjoy this one!

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