Manage your iPhone with only one hand.

The heading doesn’t sound that impressive, but think about it…

It is very easy to hold your new iPhone in one hand. But can you truly handle your phone with just the one hand.

Honestly? No, you can’t…not effectively at least. And by no means is this an iPhone flaw, but more of a smartphone con. The larger screens, being touch of course, does it make it a little tricky to get your grubby fingers to all four corners, without risking the ever-feared iPhone-Drop. Check out this cheesy video, to remind you of the depressing feeling you get when you drop it.

I am happy to introduce this to you, the FlyGrip.

This simple design brings a new meaning to multi-tasking.

To quote FlyGrip:

  • “Read emails while holding your briefcase.
  • Jog on treadmill while reading the news.
  • Push a shopping cart while reviewing your grocery list.
  • Send a message while waiting for the subway.
  • Eat a sandwich while tweeting about eating.
  • Ride your bicycle while using GPS navigation.
  • Update your Facebook status while walking your dog.
  • Video conference while spoon-feeding your child.
  • Chat online while painting your toenails.
  • Walk & text in the rain while holding an umbrella.
  • Hail a cab while making reservations online.
  • Relax on the couch while browsing the web.”
Check the FlyGrip out in action, it is truly amazing!

And to make the product really attractive, creator Michael Karmatz, has designed the FlyGrip to act a simple stand as well when not in finger-use. So functional, all the time.
In case you are concerned, like me, that your sausage-fingers might not fit into the FlyGrip, don’t be. It comes in 3 different sizes, to suite everyone. And if you are a real hipster, you will be glad to know that it comes in 8 colours too.
Best news of all? We can purchase the FlyGrip from their site, and have it delivered to our door step. The FlyGrip itself will set you back R230. Add on extra R100 to get it to your door. I think this is very decent of them.

You know you want to get this one, and I know that you will Enjoy!

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