Use one keyboard for your PC or Mac, as well as your iPhone/iPod

In today’s technology age, having your iPhone along side your production laptop is almost a given. Texting, searching contacts, map locations, even emailing, helps our generation to be more productive with multi-tasking.

But changing between the iPhone and the laptop tends to slow us down, using the bigger and smaller keyboards. 
This can all be a thing of the past, with the Matias One Keyboard
The keyboard very simply has a dock built into it, with a switch to enable or disable access to the phone. 
So with this, you can now dock your phone in the morning, and use the keyboard as per normal with your workstation. If you then want to open maybe the iMessage app on your phone, and activate the iPhone switch, you can text straight from the keyboard through the phone. Brilliant!

There are 2 main options for the keyboards, one for PC and one for Mac. It doesn’t require any batteries as it uses USB, as well as provides an extra 2 USB ports for your other devices.

The keyboard is going for a rather decent R800, with an extra R250 for delivery straight to your door.
If you use both devices at the same time, then go ahead and Enjoy!

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