Wirelessly Access any USB storage from your IOS device.

Here is another absolute gem from the KickStarter Project!

Ever wanted to access a flash drive to view a document? Use the cloud you say? What about playing an album you hadn’t synced to your phone yet? Use iTunes Match you say? Well, what about playing an hour long high definition video for entertainment or work purposes on your portable hard drive? Nothing? Then please welcome the CloudFTP from HyperDrive.

This little device, no bigger than a bar of soap or heavier than 109g, very simply features a wireless network, and a USB port. The wireless network can be created by the device, or it can simply join an existing one. Any other device on the same network can then access the device through a simple web interface.

Daniel Chin, the creator of this marvel, demonstrates the device and its simple ease of use in this video, but be warned, it a few seconds shy of 10 minutes.

What about accessing a central storage device at your company, tiny or huge, that will allow all mobile users to access and manage the latest information and media? This is moving us one step closer to ditching the laptop completely in the workplace.

Keeping it plugged it to the AC in some cupboard out of the way is great, while you are at the office, or home. But what about taking it to a meeting or a presentation? No problem. CloudFTP boasts a 2600mAh Li-Ion Battery, that easily powers a USB device for 5 hours.

When you set the device to join an existing wireless network, it will be able to connect to the internet, and actually backup the USB device to popular cloud services like DropBox and iCloud.

The device is already available, and thank goodness, they are delivering to South Africa. For a mere R830, you will get the device shipped straight to your door. Awesome!

It think this is going to be something that we are all going to Enjoy!

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