Waterproof Backpack for your Macbook

Do you enjoy the great outdoors? Do you take your bike out for the day? Motorbike? Maybe just hiking? Do you cycle to work? Well if you’re reading this, you most likely enjoy taking your iThings with you on these day/weekend trips, and very possibly even take your laptop with too.

One of the great challenges on these trips, is to work out the weather pattern, and be sure that it is not going to rain. If it is, then change of plans.

But what if you could just use one backpack, for any trip, with any weather?

Here’s a warm welcome to the Wet Coast Backpack from Lululemon.

This backpack is a simple, stylish backpack, but of course, is waterproof. Luckily the backpack does not only hold the laptop, but boasts space for books, sneakers or other gadgets too.

The WCB is using cutting edge DWR (Durable Water Repellant) finish to keep the pack, and its precious contents super-dry. If you’re going on a rugged hike, you’ll be happy to know that RipStop fabric is used to ensure you don’t hear any tears behind you.

The WCB is not shy with its pricing, coming in at a round R880. You’ll most likely want it delivered from the States to your door, and that will cost you and extra R320.

If you’re a outdoor-techie, you’ll love this!


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