Hollywood video-quality meets iPhone portability.

With the iPhone 4 and the latest iPhone 4s video quality, it’s no surprise anymore when people rely solely on their phones for shooting video.

Whether it’s to capture the kids running through the sprinkler in the backyard, or a promo video for their website. The iPhone has made it ever-more attractive to shoot video within a few seconds, as opposed to carrying around a bulky/expensive hand-cam video recorder.
But what if you wanted to polish off some of these motions-shots? You want to add some fluid actions scenes with your phone, but your hands are simply too unstable or slow/fast to get the job done professionally. Before you break down and spend many, many thousands on professional equipment and video gear, check out Cinetics first.
Cinetics has used the KickStarter Project to launch their first product, the CineSkates.
The CineSkates was designed to be used by DSLR cameras, as well as the sleek design of the iPhone 4 & 4s. With the clever design of the GorillaPod System, the user can now hook up their iPhone, adjust the tripod legs, and send their phone on a perfect motion-capturing shot.
CineSkates has incorporated wheels that look something similar to sleek skateboard ones, into the GorillaPod. You now have complete control over the angle of the camera, as well as the exact direction of its 3 accompanying wheels.
Watch the promo video, that was shot entirely with the skates themselves. I’m rather impressed!
If you are keen to get your hands on this new tech, head on over to their online store, where you can purchase the iPhone, DSLR or GoPro setup.
The iPhone kit is going for R2500 and in order to receive it at your door straight from Austin, Texas, expect to pay R340 extra.
I’m sure once you have your new gadget in your hands, you will Enjoy!

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  • You really offer us some awesome reading material and insight into how this technology can impact every aspect of our lives, both professional and private.thank you

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