Is that a new watch, or just your iPod?

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October 12 2011 was a big day for Apple, having launched their new iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and the 4th generation iPod Touch. Just a short while before that though, the 6th Generation iPod Nano was introduced.
Of the all the IOS devices, there is no question that the iPod has evolved the most in its 10 year lifespan. Check out this interesting page from Apple, showing the life of the iPod.

Being the first in the Nano range with touch screen functionality, the tiniest member in the family has never looked this good.

With the touch screen and bigger capacities, 8GB & 16GB, people started to realise the potential behind it, as opposed to simply using your iPhone for your music enjoyment all the time.

If you are gym junkie, like my brother-in-law, you will know that listening to your iPhone in your pocket while cycling for an hour is simply not great, or safe for the phone. So whether you are jogging, cycling, or even swimming, the new Nano has proven its worth time and time again.

Griffon Slap

Of the latest accessories for the device, includes wrist straps simulating spunky watches. These have only -been of any use, since Apple had the foresight to add a simple clock-option interface for the Nano.

DigiCape has got 3 of the best-sellers in their online store.

iWatchz Strap

You can start off with the Griffon Slap, resembling the classic slap-style watches. For a more sporty option, check out the ExtremeMac Armband. And if you just want the classic look and feel of a watch, with the functionality of the iPod Nano, then don’t miss the iWatchz Strap

Since DigiCape is a great source for local Apple products, you can either collect your online purchase at one of their retail stores, or hang on for 2 to 5 days for your free delivery.

ExtremeMac Armband

If you are indeed going to go and pimp your iPod Nano, Enjoy!

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