LogMeIn now FREE on IOS

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The folks over at LogMeIn have made a big move in the right direction. 
As of last night, their remote control application, LogMeIn, is now available for Free! This is great news, as before last night it was only available for an extravagant $39.

Understandably, they have not made the entire feature-rich application available for free, but the biggest component, remote control, is. With the free version you will very easily be able to connect to any of your remote computers straight from your IOS device, including the iPad. Remote control does require the computer component (Free or Pro) to be installed on the PC or Mac, but don’t worry, it’s free as well.

If you are keen to have a go at the Pro features, signup for the trial of the Pro option. It is required to create an account, to keep track of your remote computers, and will automatically revert back to the Free version after 30 days. And don’t stress, the account takes less than a minute to create.

The Pro option does provide some very attractive features though.

File Transfer, allows you to transfer files to and from any of your devices listed under your account. So sitting in that board room wishing you grabbed the latest copy of the budget on your work laptop won’t be a problem. Simply connect and transfer it to your iPad, or even to another one of your computers. The nice thing about the File Transfer is that you can easily transfer, rename, move or even simply view multiple files them from your iDevice. Entire folders can be managed too.

If you are keen to show a promo video to an unscheduled client, simply connect to your machine and play it, in HD. Video and Audio is automatically disabled in the Free version, so no getting around that one.

If however, you would like to print that document on your work desktop to your home printer, no problem. The Pro version supports Remote Printing too.

If you are somebody that would easily use all of these features, then I am sure you can justify the in-app upgrade for R250. If not, then I’m sure you will be quite delighted that the app is now free, so you can easily connect and control any of your remote computers.

As always, enjoy!

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