iPad CF and SD Card Readers

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If you like taking pictures with your fancy DLSR camera, you know there are few things more frustrating than taking some amazing shots while out for the day or weekend, and then trying to show it to all the friends/family after the shoot around the braai, without your laptop nearby. 
Ever wish you could you could plug your camera straight into your trusty iPad? Well go one step further, and enjoy the ability of plugging the memory card straight into the iPad, without any cables involved.

Just use the new range of SD and CF Card readers from Photojojo, and you’re set. 

Once you plug a memory card into the card reader, the Photos application automatically opens up, and creates a new album called “cameras”. From there you will not only be able to browse all the items, but also import them into the normal photos album.

The card reader also has the ability to plug a USB device directly into it. So if you wanted to plug a camera directly into it, or maybe even a thumb-drive, go ahead. Obviously, it will only browse photo and video formats, including some RAW formats. It wont act as means to transfer other files to your device.

The SD card reader is going for R120, and the CF reader for R240. Photojojo will give you a discount of around R40 if you purchase both though. Is Photojojo still delivering to SA? You better believe it! For a mere R90, you can have your card readers in hand in 2 to 3 weeks.

So whether you just want the extra functionality, or are indeed a serious photgrapher, go ahead and get it! 
And of course, Enjoy.

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