Moshi Moshi POP Phones

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What do you do if you are a business person or socialite that is quite possibly making hour-long phone calls on a daily basis, and absolutely detest holding your phone to your ear until it starts to turn a light shade of hot?
Well, the obvious answer would have to be in-ear headphones. But maybe you don’t like putting things in your ear, or maybe even cannot medically do it.
What about headset earphones? I’m sure any business person along with the socialite would slap you if you tried to put one on them.

Enter Native Union, and their range of Moshi Moshi POP phones.

If you liked the simplistic design of traditional phone handsets, or simply enjoy retro gadgets, then it might be worth your time to check out their product listings.

The phones come in 2 main varieties, of wired and wireless.
The wired options all come with the standard 3.5mm jack, which will fit into all of your iDevices, any other smartphone, as well as your laptop when use the splitter available from Native Union’s online store.

The wired options range between R300 and R400, while the wireless options come in between R1100 and R1600.

Would you like to be able to sit at the the airport lounge and make a call from your iPad using a VOIP application like Skype? Well, the MM05 might be for you.
Maybe you are sitting in the car waiting to pick up the kids from school and would like to take a call while still browsing on your iPhone? Maybe the POP Phone could work for you.
Or are you a sales rep that would like to setup a functional office at an empty desk? Then possibly combining the MM03, with your iPad, its stand and a BlueTooth keyboard could do the trick for you.

If you are the Queen though, and would like to use this style of handset, then best you go for the Crystal Silver POP option. This phone is covered in no less than 2000 of the finest Swarovski Crystal elements, and is attached to a whopper price tag of R6000.

Native Union is based in Hong Kong, but is luckily delivering to our sunny coasts in RSA for an extra R200.

Is this what you have been looking for all along? Then go ahead and enjoy!

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