Have your device read back to you

You are driving home after a long day at the office.

A notification pops up on your device from your trusted source for SA and international news, giving you the headline of something that really tickles your interest.

You know you shouldn’t, but you just can’t help but pick it up and try and read the story while dodging through rush-hour traffic.
Well say good bye to risking your life for the latest scoop on the Kardashions.
Within all IOS devices, there are a handful of accessibility options to assist people that have special needs.
These options include “Zoom”, “Large Text”, “Assistive Touch” and a few others.
The one that we are interested in is called simply “Speak Selection”.
By enabling it, and selecting the speed of the voice, you will now have a “Speak” option whenever you highlight text within the device.
I have a tested it on a few web articles, and a couple of emails, and I am delightfully impressed.
I set it loose on an Afrikaans email I had, and let’s just say, I couldn’t stop laughing.
So whether you would like to have your device read you that long email from the CEO’s desk, update you on the latest new headline, or simply read back your favorite website, go ahead an enable the feature, and enjoy.

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