Mimecast is now mobile.

For those of you that use Mimecast, you will know that they provide an effective email-continuity and archiving service to their customers.

This becomes very handy when you are looking for that email from 3 years ago that you so happily deleted or maybe even lost. With the Outlook plugin, you can simply search your online mailbox, and hey presto!

There is only one limitation though, and that is that you need to have your computer available to do this searching from within Outlook. 

Until now that is.

Mimecast has recently launched their new iPhone app, that allows its users to search not only their online inbox, but also their complete online archive.

The application could not be simpler to set up, and is really easy to conduct an archive search, straight from your iPhone.

For those that use Exchange mail on their iPhones, which is a lot of us, you will know that your iPhone can be setup to keep a certain number of days’ mail on the device, which is easy to search through. If you need items further back, that is not an issue either, as the iPhone can then search your Exchange Mailbox on your company’s server.

The problem here, comes in when either you have deleted/lost old emails, or more likely, archived all your mails older than a certain date. These naturally cannot be searched or retrieved from outside of Outlook.
But thanks to the new Mimecast Services for iPhone app, these limitations have disappeared.

Check out this video for a cool demo.

At the end of the day, I think a simple app has been developed here that can be easily setup and used to perform advanced searches, for free.

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