[Review] PhotoSweeper – Get rid of those pesky duplicate photos

15 years ago, you rarely took a 2nd photo of something, since it cost you money to develop them afterwards, and a pretty penny at that. But now…a slightly different problems exist. We are all too happy to just start snapping and keep at at, without fear of creating doubles, triples or even more. While[…]

[Review] Never lose your iDevice again, with Marco Polo

I don’t know about you, but easily one of the most regular things that I utter to my wife is: “Honey, have you seen my phone anywhere?” Until now, that is. Now I utter, to the room: “Marco!” One of the funniest ways, yet most effective, to find your iDevice when you misplace it (without[…]

[Review] Track exactly how much time you spend on your iPhone!

It’s something that I have been made aware of before, but like most less-exciting things in life, I chose to just ignore it. “Are you on your iPhone again!?” Enter the clever little app called Moment. Moment comes from developer Kevin Holesh, who actually wrote the app for himself, who suffers from the same problem[…]

[Review] Command-C. Clipboard sharing, made easy

We’ve all been there…  Working on your iPhone or iPad, you come across a website address, phone number, image or a particularly foreign name or surname, and you need to copy and paste it to your Mac, or other device.  Between sending text messages, emails and note syncing with iCloud with myself, I came across[…]

Celebrate the App Store’s 5th Anniversary with premium FREE apps

I can’t remember the time before the iTunes App Store. The time of Nokias, Siemens and Samsung (Yes, I had 1 samsung, many years ago) cellphones. Lucky for us though, we don’t need to remember the time before the iPhone and the App Store. We can simply celebrate it’s 5th birthday with downloading some premium[…]