Shuttle, your new SSH Utility

So we all love shortcuts, it’s the techy way. And when it comes to administering servers, there’s nothing better than finding practical tools that allow us to do our jobs more efficiently. This little tool comes courtesy of Trevor Fitzgerald over at Github. Shuttle is a tool that helps you connect quickly to different servers[…]

Celebrate the App Store’s 5th Anniversary with premium FREE apps

I can’t remember the time before the iTunes App Store. The time of Nokias, Siemens and Samsung (Yes, I had 1 samsung, many years ago) cellphones. Lucky for us though, we don’t need to remember the time before the iPhone and the App Store. We can simply celebrate it’s 5th birthday with downloading some premium[…]

Create recovery disks for your Mac, the easy way.

Quite a while ago I wrote about how to create OS X Recovery Disks for Lion. The procedure has been identical for Mountain Lion and it simply could not be easier…until now, that is. Guillaume Gete has created an even simpler automated AppleScript with a simple interface that will make the bootable disk for you, called Lion[…]

Stylish wood-finish for your Mac keyboards

We all love the stylish aluminium finish on our Mac keyboards. But if you feel like something a little different, try out Lazerwood Keys from Lazerwood Industries. These are just as stylish as the original keys, but with a gorgeous wood-finish. Whether you use a wireless, extended or simply your MacBook Pro keyboard, there is the perfect[…]

Maximise your life with free apps

So many people that I speak to are disappointed with the App Store since purchasing their new iPad or Mac, simply because all the “good stuff” costs money, and very few (good) things are free. Now I have no problem with this, supporting developers’ hard work, but of course, I am also going to jump at[…]

Private Eye: Your free network monitor for Mac

Ever wondered exactly what apps, services, protocols, or even devices are making connections out onto the World Wide Web, or even worse, receiving connections? Well there are a ton of network monitors that will tell you exactly what you want to know, with a price tag attached of course. But Private Eye, gives you the same[…]

uFix: DIY repair for your iPhone

Replacing your iPhone’s front or back glass can be incredibly expensive. And the majority of that cost goes to labour and skill. Thankfully though, iFix, a premium repair specialist for any of your iThings, have developed this new brand of DIY repair kits, called uFix. Check out their catalogue for all the individual repair accessories,[…]

CHALLENGE: Smartphone Coasters in South Africa

If you are looking for the next promotional item for the company’s goodie bags, or just simply appreciate functional, simple gadgets, then this might be what you’ve been looking for, without knowing it yet. NewPCGadgets have unveiled a sweet little gadget called the Smartphone Coaster. A brilliant concept if you ask me.  Sitting at the[…]